About Jacky

Jacky was born in southern Thailand and comes from a family of farmers who taught her how to cook with what was available, fresh, and flavorful. She learned how to be creative, never waste anything, taste and adjust as necessary, and always look for new ways to do the same dish with whatever ingredients are available and in season.


A determined woman with an unstoppable spirit, Jacky opened her first restaurant in 2010 because she wanted to see a place in Chiang Mai that she would like to eat in herself. She took her passion for great food and creativity and opened her doors. A strong woman with a huge heart she is always working to improve, grow, and make everything she does better.


She never looses her excitment about food and continues to learn and  improve her cooking by taking inspiration from multiple sources. Wether it is the customers who call The Cat House their second home or the people she meets on retreats. She takes her favorite elements of their country's dishes and blends them with Thai techniques and flavors to create a fusion that you will never forget.


When asked why her food is so delicious, she explained "It is because I cook with love. I cook everything like I am cooking for friends, for family. I think about how I care about their health and if they are happy and my food turns out good."


When you come to her restaurant or go on a retreat she is catering you will be greeted with a contageous smile and a big plate of food. Be ready to fall in love with the food and the woman who makes it taste so delicious.


"Jacky is the most fantastic woman on Planet Earth. Possibly our entire solar system."

Neil Rupe

Cat House Restaurant Regular and December 2014 Retreat Attendee.