The Cat House Restaurant is a creation from Jacky's heart. It has gone through many changes and locations in Chiang Mai since it first opened in 2010 but the food has always remained superior and unforgettable.


Open 7 days a week from 7:00am-10:00pm.


When you come to The Cat House you are stepping into Jacky's home.  You will find visitors from all over the world engaging in good conversations, laughter, and making connections all over a delicious meal.  Many people find The Cat House on their travels and return again and again eating their way through the menu.


If you are looking for an ordinary Thai restaurant and the typical dishes you find all over Chiang Mai you will NOT find it here. The Cat House is as unique as it's owner and you will understand what a treasure you have discovered once you take your first bite.


Jacky's food is inspired by the cuisines of the world and prepared fresh and to order. The menu is small and select because Jacky believes in using fresh, seasonal ingredients and using them to create dishes with a consistantly high level of quality.


If you have a special dietary need Jacky and her staff will work to meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.


Jacky's staff all come from Burma. She has taken on a mentorship role with them to not only train them to work in the restaurant but also to learn Thai and English, become superior cooks and baristas, do buying in the markets, and take on management responsibilities. 


Jacky wants to help them make their dreams come true and she treats them like friends more than staff. When reviews come in about their performance, she works with them to make necessary improvements or rewards them for jobs well done.

Cat House Chiang Mai